Hello, and welcome to All For One’s Lottery Prize Raffle. Our intention with this program is to generate funds to cover our server costs, but also to give our community and supporters a chance to win cool prizes. The more raffles we do, the bigger our prize budget gets. This means that eventually we hope to offer big ticket items such as monitors, graphics cards, and possibly entire gaming systems. Good luck!!

How it works:

(AFO) will offer a prize. The raffle will be announced on our various public platforms including our Squad server. A limited amount of entries for each prize contest will be set. The entry cost and entry cap will be determined by the value of each prize. The raffles entries are limited to give contestants greater odds of winning. And also to get raffles completed faster so we can offer them more frequently. Once you enter you will be emailed a number which will be associated with your paypal account email.

Raffle Entry and Details:

Our first raffle item will be a Sennheiser GSP 350 Gaming Headset.

This raffle will be capped at 25 entries. The raffle entry fee is $10.00  One $10 donation will buy you one entry. If you donate $20 you will have 2 entries, etc. etc.

This Raffle Opens January 1st, 2019
Currently Open

Step 1. To enter, simply click this link Enter Raffle Enter Here

Step 2. Contribute $10.00 . (be sure you add your gamer name in the comments section)

Step 3. Your entry number will be emailed to you. Email will be sent to the one associated with your paypal account.

 When 25 entries are submitted, the raffle will be closed. And the draw date and time will be announced. The winner will be contacted by the email they associated their donation with, and will have 7 days to respond and provide shipping details. In the event that the winner does not respond after 7 days, the prize will be re-drawn, and a new winner will be determined. Good Luck!!

17 entries remaining!

Shipping Information:

All prizes won in the All For One Raffles will be shipped free of charge within the United States and Canada. International winners will have to pay for Shipping.


All Prizes offered and shipped are brand new unopened box items. Prizes will be shipped via one of the major courier carriers in north america. All For One will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged prizes during shipping.

Additionally, any prizes that are defective out of the box will have to be resolved between the contest winner and the manufacturer. All For One will not be held responsible for factory defective prizes.