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Before you apply, there are some things that you will need to be aware of. There are certain things expected of you when you begin with All For One. When you apply to AFO you are telling us that you accept the responsibilities that come along with it. Those responsibilities are as follows;


When you apply to AFO and have been accepted as a initiate, you are expected to join our discord regularly. You don't necessarily have to be playing Squad. Just general hang out is encouraged. It helps to forge friendships and builds a tighter knit group. You are also expected to be playing Squad with us regularly. Once a week for an hour or 2 isn't going to cut it. We need active participants to grow the team. If you are online all the time and seen playing other games with regularity, and are not coming in discord, not playing much Squad, not trying to integrate and participate, then you are not going to be accepted as a member and will be asked to leave. After all, why apply to join if you have no intention of "Joining".

There are circumstances that can keep people from participating regularly. Of course we understand that. Work, Family, Medical, Squad burn out. We get it. If something should arise in your life that's going to be keeping you away, then a brief message to the team leader explaining whats going on will keep you in good standing in AFO. 


Everyday we attempt to seed our server. If you don't know what seeding is, it's basically populating it. The reason we do this is to expose AFO to the community, to justify the cost of maintaining a server, and to promote the growth of the team and advertise what's going on with us to the visitor's. Seeding helps us create new relationships with people and other teams. And allows us a venue to recruit new people. Each day a message is sent out on discord to members's, initiates and friend's to come help seed the server. We expect you to help us with that as often as you can. This is one of the most important things we do. Whether you are a Member, Initiate, Casual, Competitive, or Hardcore minded player. It takes all of us to build the team we belong to. So we are all expected to help with this. If you are one of those people that doesn't expect to have to do this, then please do not apply to join AFO, we do not want you.


This has been said in the Codes of Conduct section already, but when you apply to join AFO you are agreeing to hold our values and maintain a mature and friendly attitude in game and in discord. We do not talk shit. We do not throw around accusations of cheating. We do not spew racism. We treat our teammates with respect. We treat everyone with respect. We do not belittle less experienced player's. Instead, we help them. We offer friendly advice. We try to make the community better by acting accordingly. We do not cheat, period. Anyone caught cheating will be expelled from All For One without second chances. Lastly, by filling out and submitting your application, you are agreeing to adhere to the above expectations of AFO initiates and members.

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