Lottery System

The All For One Lottery Raffle is fairly simple. We put up a prize. We set a limit on how many entries can be submitted. When the submission limit is reached, that raffle is closed. We then use an algorithm generator to randomly select the winning email. The algorithm generator will be clicked 5 times. The top email on the 5th click will be declared the winner. The winner will be announced and contacted for shipping information, and the prize will be promptly shipped out to you. We ask that the winner submit their photo holding the prize they won for our “Winner’s Circle” section.
The lottery raffle cost will be announced at the beginning of each Raffle. Example: If the Raffle entry costs $5.00 USD, then one donation of $5.00 dollars will buy you one single lottery entry. If you donate $10.00 dollars your email will be entered 2 times. If $20.00 dollars is donated, you will have 4 entries submitted and a greater chance of winning. All contest rules and donation entry links will be available on the Lottery Raffle page. It’s fun, helps us cover our expenses, and it builds the fund to purchase future prizes. Most importantly, it allows us to give back to the people that help us with their generous donations.
We thank you, and good luck!

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