(AFO) Rank System


When a initiate becomes a full AFO member, they receive their entry rank of Private. Displayed as PVT. at the front of their game name. After 30 days, if the player has been an active participant within the group, then they will receive their first promotion in rank. Each month of active participation will be rewarded with a promotion. As long as the member is active, the promotions will be automatic for the first 5 months. At that point you will have risen to the rank of Sergeant! To rank up beyond SGT. the member will need to continue to show loyalty and be active. With regular participation in team functions and in Discord.

Some of the other ways to rank up in AFO are to volunteer to help with organization. Website or graphic’s contribution. Financial donations to help support our team in paying for things like servers and website hosting costs. Contributing in these ways will fast track your promotions, and establish yourself as a core member faster.


Private First Class




Staff Sergeant

Sergeant First Class

Master Sergeant

First Sergeant

Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major of the Army

Commissioned Officer Ranks

These ranks are achieved through active time served. And are also given out to members who offer major contributions to the Team. Such as providing the team a game server, or some other significant contribution.

Warrant Officer 1

Chief Warrant Officer 2

Chief Warrant Officer 3

Chief Warrant Officer 4

Chief Warrant Officer 5

Officer Ranks

These are the top tier positions in All For One. These ranks are strictly achieved through active time served. Meaning, a Enlisted, or Warrant Officer can enter the AFO ranks, and rise to someday be a General! Members who achieve these ranks are the AFO Brass. The top contributors of active service. The members who display the highest level’s of dedication, loyalty, and honor. The volunteer’s, the organizers, the financial contributors, Managers of major AFO resources, and competition team leaders. These ranks are not given out. They can only be achieved through service and contribution to AFO. How fast you reach these ranks is up to the member.

Second Lieutenant

First Lieutenant



Lieutenant Colonel


Brigadier General

Major General

Lieutenant General


General of the Army

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