About Us

All For One is a online gaming community that primarily, but not exclusively, plays First Person Shooters. We are recruiting to organize a team for competitive play in the game, Squad. We have a Official 80 player Squad server named, WWW.AFOGAMING.COM AAS | Chicago. And no, we are not milsim. If you want to just be casual and hang with some cool people, that’s ok too. Competition isn’t mandatory.

We are in a building phase and are currently looking for new members. If you are interested in joining the fun, please feel free to hop in our discord and hang out, and also fill out our application form.

We also invite you to register on our website. Registering gives you access to our forums. Where the latest news, events, and general chat can be found. Some of the other games you’ll find us casually playing include:

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Battlefield 1

Escape From Tarkov

Ring of Elysium


Post Scriptum

Age of Empires 2

Counter strike:Global Offense

Hopefully we will establish our web store where we will have merchandise for sale, such as T-shirts, ball caps, key chains, and anything else we can dream up. Our plans for the future are to establish ourselves in the Squad Community. To develop and manage a competition ladder system for Squad, but also to support other games and their communities. To create a central community where other teams can sign up, have their own space to create their own website, and join the competitive ladder in the game of their choice.

A place where thousands of people and gaming teams can converge and do battle for top spot on their games ladders. Down the road, if we can get the above goals realized, we would like to offer Game Server rentals, and web hosting services. To further support what we are trying to accomplish.

To conclude, our goal isn’t to make money for profit. Yes, we do want to make money, but our intentions are to re-invest any donations, or profits, back into the community. To buy prizes for our Lottery program (see lottery system section). To buy data racks for discount game servers to teams that need them. And to help cover the costs associated with running the Community.

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