Codes of Conduct

Member and Initiate Conduct:

Loyalty, Integrity, and Maturity are some core values we believe in around here. Respect each other and treat as you would be treated. Cheating, admin abuse, or any mistreatment in Discord, in game, or in general is not advised. Racism, political and religious views have no place in a gaming community and are not advised. We are a group that is tolerant, but do not test our patience. We stand up for ourselves and each other, and most of all, for (AFO). Initiate and full members are not authorized to join or exist as members of other Squad teams while in All For One.

Server Seeding:

(AFO) AFOGAMING.COM | AAS CHICAGO generally seeds using the map Sumari aas v.2. During seeding (populating) there are rules to follow. Fob’s and Hab’s are not to be touched or camped. Enemy bases are not to be attacked. No emplacements are to be used, and No vehicle weapons. No mortar is allowed. Fighting around the Mosque is acceptable. No pushing across to police, and no pushing to palace. When each team has 15 players the seed rules are lifted and regular play can commence. An Admin will usually announce the server is Live!!
Seed rules are to prevent people from getting frustrated and leaving.
Failure to comply with seed rules may get you kicked.

Server Admins:

If you have been designated as a server admin/moderator, you must be diplomatic in your approach. You can not make decisions based on your personal feelings. You can not allow your anger to be the basis of your decision to kick or ban a person. Admin abuse can result in AFO having their OWI server license revoked.


Reasons to Kick/Temporary Ban/Permanent Ban:

Always give the offenders a warning before executing these actions. And when kicking or banning ALWAYS enter a reason! Battlemetrics must be used when policing the server.

TKing without public apology (use judgement if it’s consistently happening) = kick
Chat log spamming = kick
Voice coms spamming = kick
Ping over 250ms = kick
Squad leads with no mic’s = kick
Unassigned players = kick
Being a general nuisance (intentional suppression of teammates, mouthing off an admin repeatedly etc.) = kick


Reasons to Ban:

Publicly Bad Mouthing AFO or AFO server admin. = Ban 1 week
Intentional Team Killing (multiple casualties in quick order) = Ban 1 month*
Intentional sabotage (Fob/hab digging up) = Ban 1 month*
Racist slurs in the chat log = Permanent Ban

* Steamid logged. Second time offender banned permanently from server.

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