All For One was founded in 1996 by Scott Spriggan, and was first active in a online, first person shooter game titled Starsiege Tribes (Renegades Mod). Tribes was a capture the flag game and Scott was a flag capper. The name All For One was based on Scott being “the One” The man with the flag which everyone needed to protect.

AFO grew over the next few years to become the biggest and most sought after team to join in Tribes Renegades. With roughly 60 members at it’s peak. The team took part in competitive play. Battling regularly on the Team Warfare League, {TWL} and, the Online Gaming League, {OGL} competition ladders, with great success on both platforms.

As Tribes began to wind down in popularity, and as new games became popular. AFO established new chapters in World of Warcraft and Vietcong. Minipops lead the Vietcong team, and Dragonov and strydr26 lead the World of Warcraft guild. The Vietcong team competed on the North American Tournament Organization, {NATO}, where AFO achieved 2nd place on the 10v10 CTF ladder. At this point AFO had reached upward of 130 members across multiple games.

Sadly, as members grew older, tastes in games changed, and life slowly took over, AFO dwindled down until we faded from the gaming scene entirely. AFO was always about friendships, integrity, fairplay, and excellence. And it still is! The fire might have gotten low the past few years, but the flame as never completely burnt out.

Minipops, who has been a member since 1998, and is AFO’s current leader, has resurrected All For One in a new game titled Squad. Currently rebuilding the team from the ground up. We hope to re-grow All For One, and return it to the glory days of the past, but also taking it further than its ever been before.

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