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Member Conduct Respect: Treat others as you would prefer to be treated.

Verbal Abuse: Members of AFO are not advised to get into verbal altercations. Particularly in game servers and forums. It reflects poorly on us. We do not and must not shit talk, tease, belittle, bully, or chastise others for any reason. The reputation of the team is extremely important. Anyone who tarnishes it will be expelled from the group. No second chances given.

Discord Topics: It is advised to keep racial, political, and religious views to oneself as they have no place in a gaming community and certainly no place in AFO.

Multiple Clans: Initiate and full members are not permitted to join or exist as members of other Squad teams while in AFO. Attempts to join another group will likely result in expulsion from AFO.

Questions: Any questions that arise usually can be answered in full by either Minipops, Sam , Bigdawg, or other longstanding members of AFO.


Seeding Rules Please follow seeding rules. The rules are there to give the server the best chance to populate. Seed rules are in effect until the server is announced “Live” at 17 vs. 17.

– No enemy hab camping

– No digging enemy radios

– No vehicle weapons

– No Mortars

– Fighting only permitted at a specified central point on the map. Do not cross beyond the designated fight point!

If you have any questions please ask an AFO Member.